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  • Bridging the Synthesis Gap: Ionic Liquids Enable Solvent-Mediated Reaction in Vapor-Phase Deposition. ACS nano Shi, J., Bent, S. F. 2021


    Molecular layer deposition (MLD) is an attractive, vapor-phase deposition method for applications requiring ultrathin organic materials, such as photolithography, lithium batteries, and microelectronics. By using sequential self-limiting surface reactions, MLD offers excellent control over thickness and conformality, but there are also challenges such as a limited range of possible film compositions and long deposition times. In this study, we introduce a modified technique, termed ionic liquid assisted MLD (IL-MLD), that can overcome these barriers. By performing the surface reactions inside of an ultrathin layer of a compatible ionic liquid (IL), solvent effects are replicated inside a vacuum system, broadening the possible reactions to a much wider suite of chemistries. Using this strategy, the MLD of polyetherketoneketone, an industrially and research-relevant, high-performance thermoplastic, is reported. With this proof-of-concept, we demonstrate that IL-MLD can enable the synthesis of polymers via solvent- or catalyst-mediated reactions and establish an approach that may allow solution chemistries to be accessed in other vapor deposition techniques as well.

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  • Modified atomic layer deposition of MoS2 thin films Modified atomic layer deposition of MoS2 thin films Zeng, L., Richey, N. E., Palm, D. W., Oh, I., Shi, J., MacIsaac, C., Jaramillo, T., Bent, S. F. 2020; 38: 060403

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