Joan Malczewski is Associate Professor of History in the School of Humanities at the University of California Irvine. Her research focuses on Education, Foundations, Interest Groups, American Political Development, Progressivism, and the American South. During her visiting scholar appointment at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, she will be participating in a year-long workshop on Education and the Humanities and conducting research on the American Council on Education and its influence on higher education policy development during the Cold War. Her book, Building a New Educational State: Foundations, Schools and the American South was published by University of Chicago Press in 2016. It examines the dynamic process of black education reform during the Jim Crow era in North Carolina and Mississippi, including the initiatives of foundations and reformers at the top, the impact of their work at the state and local level, and the agency of southerners—including those in rural black communities—to demonstrate the importance of schooling to political development in the South. She has a forthcoming article that focuses on foundations and taxation policy in the South titled “The Larger Gifts of Taxation’: Foundations and Tax Reform in the Jim Crow South,” Journal of Policy History, (forthcoming January 2022).