Product focused builder at the intersection of consumer behavior and technology. I get energy helping startups looking to eliminate market inefficiencies created through unnecessary middlemen/intermediaries.

Previously led product teams for Grocery and Retail at DoorDash and Driver Pricing and Incentives at Uber. Co-founded Stryve, a YCombinator (W20) backed startup replacing resume & phone screens with async video, and have led go-to market strategy for post series A/B startups (Vedantu) as a portfolio advisor at GGV Capital.

I angel invest in startups with a group of brilliant operators and entrepreneurs at Chemistry Capital and I’m always down to chat with founders and brainstorm any product-market fit or fundraising related challenges.

Feel free to connect if you share any of my interests or aspirations!

Work Experience

  • Growth, Vedantu

    Spearheading Vedantu’s US go-to market strategy for early education (K-12).

    Vedantu’s mission is to democratize online e-learning platform through real-time personalized learning



  • Angel Investor, Chemistry Capital

    We are a network of Silicon Valley operators and entrepreneurs. We value bold ideas and products.

    I advise and angel invest in seed & series A founders on product, fundraising and go-to-market strategy.


    San Francisco

  • Co-Founder (YC W20), Stryve

    Automate blind resume screen. Replace phone & video screen with short form video. Reference check at scale. Backed by Y Combinator.



    San Francisco

  • Product Lead, DoorDash

    PM Lead on Doordash Drive focusing on new ventures in Grocery and Retail.

    Working directly with the senior management team, engineering, design, and data science to build best in class delivery as a platform to integrate DoorDash white label fulfillment with grocery, flower, pharma, retail, microfulfillment and darkstore merchants across the United States and Canada.


    San Francisco

  • Product Manager, Uber

    PM on the Marketplace Team focusing on Driver Pricing & Incentives.

    Focus was on developing mobile experience for driver-partners and strengthening our infrastructure and incentive models to ensure that drivers are optimally positioned relative to dynamic demand predictions. Platform development includes advanced economics modeling and machine learning.


    San Francisco