Johanna Hedlund is a Wallenberg postdoctoral researcher focusing broadly on climate and sustainable development issues in the science and policy interface, mainly using advanced network methods. Her research interests include environmental policy, transnational climate risk, climate adaptation, international cooperation and network science. Her postdoctoral research focuses specifically on how climate-induced extreme events may affect the global distribution of risk via international food trade.

Prior to joining Stanford, Johanna worked for the Stockholm Environment Institute, where she developed the Transnational Climate Impact Index as a quantification of countries’ exposure to the globalized effects of climate change impacts, and as a postdoctoral scholar for 4TU.Centre for Resilience Engineering at the University of Twente. She received her PhD in sustainable development from Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden.

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  • Impacts of climate change on global food trade networks ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS Hedlund, J., Carlsen, H., Croft, S., West, C., Bodin, O., Stokeld, E., Jagermeyr, J., Mueller, C. 2022; 17 (12)
  • Challenges for environmental governance: policy issue interdependencies might not lead to collaboration SUSTAINABILITY SCIENCE Hedlund, J., Nohrstedt, D., Morrison, T., Moore, M., Bodin, O. 2023; 18 (1): 219-234
  • Policy issue interdependency and the formation of collaborative networks PEOPLE AND NATURE Hedlund, J., Bodin, O., Nohrstedt, D. 2021; 3 (1): 236-250

    View details for DOI 10.1002/pan3.10170

    View details for Web of Science ID 000647696600017

  • Assessing Policy Issue Interdependencies in Environmental Governance INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE COMMONS Hedlund, J., Bodin, O., Nohrstedt, D. 2021; 15 (1): 82-99

    View details for DOI 10.5334/ijc.1060

    View details for Web of Science ID 000715325100004

  • Priorities and Interactions of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Focus on Wetlands WATER Jaramillo, F., Desormeaux, A., Hedlund, J., Jawitz, J. W., Clerici, N., Piemontese, L., Alexandra Rodriguez-Rodriguez, J., Adolfo Anaya, J., Blanco-Libreros, J. F., Borja, S., Celi, J., Chalov, S., Chun, K., Cresso, M., Destouni, G., Dessu, S., Di Baldassarre, G., Downing, A., Espinosa, L., Ghajarnia, N., Girard, P., Gutierrez, A. G., Hansen, A., Hu, T., Jarsjo, J., Kalantary, Z., Labbaci, A., Licero-Villanueva, L., Livsey, J., Machotka, E., McCurley, K., Palomino-Angel, S., Pietron, J., Price, R., Ramchunder, S. J., Ricaurte-Villota, C., Ricaurte, L., Dahir, L., Rodriguez, E., Salgado, J., Sannel, A. K., Carolina Santos, A., Seifollahi-Aghmiuni, S., Sjoberg, Y., Sun, L., Thorslund, J., Vigouroux, G., Wang-Erlandsson, L., Xu, D., Zamora, D., Ziegler, A. D., Ahlen, I. 2019; 11 (3)

    View details for DOI 10.3390/w11030619

    View details for Web of Science ID 000464530100007

  • Quantifying transnational climate impact exposure: New perspectives on the global distribution of climate risk GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE-HUMAN AND POLICY DIMENSIONS Hedlund, J., Fick, S., Carlsen, H., Benzie, M. 2018; 52: 75-85