Professional Education

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Universiteit Van Amsterdam (2019)
  • Bachelor of Science, Universiteit Twente (2013)
  • Master of Science, Universiteit Van Amsterdam (2015)
  • Doctor, University of Amsterdam, Theoretical Physics (2019)

Stanford Advisors

All Publications

  • Bulk entanglement entropy for photons and gravitons in AdS(3) SCIPOST PHYSICS Belin, A., Iqbal, N., Kruthoff, J. 2020; 8 (5)
  • TT<mml:mo stretchy="true"><overbar></mml:mover> deformed CFT as a non-critical string JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Callebaut, N., Kruthoff, J., Verlinde, H. 2020
  • T(T)over-bar in AdS(2) and quantum mechanics PHYSICAL REVIEW D Gross, D. J., Kruthoff, J., Rolph, A., Shaghoulian, E. 2020; 101 (2)
  • Bootstrapping Matrix Quantum Mechanics. Physical review letters Han, X., Hartnoll, S. A., Kruthoff, J. 2020; 125 (4): 041601


    Large N matrix quantum mechanics is central to holographic duality but not solvable in the most interesting cases. We show that the spectrum and simple expectation values in these theories can be obtained numerically via a "bootstrap" methodology. In this approach, operator expectation values are related by symmetries-such as time translation and SU(N) gauge invariance-and then bounded with certain positivity constraints. We first demonstrate how this method efficiently solves the conventional quantum anharmonic oscillator. We then reproduce the known solution of large N single matrix quantum mechanics. Finally, we present new results on the ground state of large N two matrix quantum mechanics.

    View details for DOI 10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.041601

    View details for PubMedID 32794829

  • Charged quantum fields in AdS(2) SCIPOST PHYSICS Anninos, D., Hofman, D. M., Kruthoff, J. 2019; 7 (4)
  • Topology in time-reversal symmetric crystals PHYSICAL REVIEW B Kruthoff, J., de Boer, J., van Wezel, J. 2019; 100 (7)
  • Holography at finite cutoff with a T-2 deformation JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Hartman, T., Kruthoff, J., Shaghoulian, E., Tajdini, A. 2019
  • Comments on a state-operator correspondence for the torus SCIPOST PHYSICS Belin, A., de Boer, J., Kruthoff, J. 2018; 5 (6)
  • Topological Classification of Crystalline Insulators through Band Structure Combinatorics PHYSICAL REVIEW X Kruthoff, J., de Boer, J., van Wezel, J., Kane, C. L., Slager, R. 2017; 7 (4)
  • Universality of sparse d > 2 conformal field theory at large N JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Belin, A., De Boer, J., Kruthoff, J., Michel, B., Shaghoulian, E., Shyani, M. 2017