Professional Education

  • Bachelor of Science, University of California Los Angeles (2010)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2015)

Stanford Advisors

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  • A dual function antibiotic-transporter conjugate exhibits superior activity in sterilizing MRSA biofilms and killing persister cells. Journal of the American Chemical Society Antonoplis, A., Zang, X., Huttner, M. A., Chong, K., Lee, Y. B., Co, J. Y., Amieva, M., Kline, K., Wender, P. A., Cegelski, L. 2018


    New strategies are urgently needed to target MRSA, a major global health problem and the leading cause of mortality from antibiotic-resistant infections in many countries. Here we report a general approach to this problem exemplified by the design and synthesis of a vancomycin-D-octaarginine conjugate (V-r8) and investigation of its efficacy in addressing antibiotic-insensitive bacterial populations. V-r8 eradicated MRSA biofilm and persister cells in vitro, outperforming vancomycin by orders of magnitude. It also eliminated 97% of biofilm-associated MRSA in a murine wound infection model and displayed no acute dermal toxicity. This new dual function conjugate displays enhanced cellular accumulation and membrane perturba-tion as compared to vancomycin. Based on its rapid and potent activity against biofilm and persister cells, V-r8 is a promis-ing agent against clinical MRSA infections.

    View details for DOI 10.1021/jacs.8b08711

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