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  • Characteristics of non-sleep related apneas in children with alternating hemiplegia of childhood. European journal of paediatric neurology : EJPN : official journal of the European Paediatric Neurology Society Thamby, J., Prange, L., Boggs, A., Subei, M. O., Myers, C., Uchitel, J., ElMallah, M., Bartlett-Lee, B., Riviello, J. J., Mikati, M. A. 2023; 48: 101-108


    BACKGROUND: Non-sleep related apnea (NSA) has been observed in alternating hemiplegia of childhood (AHC) but has yet to be characterized.GOALS: Investigate the following hypotheses: 1) AHC patients manifest NSA that is often severe. 2) NSA is usually triggered by precipitating events. 3) NSA is more likely in patients with ATP1A3 mutations.METHODS: Retrospective review of 51 consecutive AHC patients (ages 2-45 years) enrolled in our AHC registry. NSAs were classified as mild (not needing intervention), moderate (needing intervention but not perceived as life threatening), or severe (needing intervention and perceived as life threatening).RESULTS: 19/51 patients (37%) had 52 NSA events (6 mild, 11 moderate, 35 severe). Mean age of onset of NSA (± Standard Error of the Mean (SEM)): 3.8±1.5 (range 0-24) years, frequency during follow up was higher at younger ages as compared to adulthood (year 1: 2.2/year, adulthood: 0.060/year). NSAs were associated with triggering factors, bradycardia and with younger age (p<0.008 in all) but not with mutation status (p=0.360). Triggers, observed in 17 patients, most commonly included epileptic seizures in 9 (47%), anesthesia, AHC spells and intercurrent, stressful, conditions. Management included use of pulse oximeter at home in nine patients, home oxygen in seven, intubation/ventilatory support in seven, and basic CPR in six. An additional patient required tracheostomy. There were no deaths or permanent sequalae.CONCLUSIONS: AHC patients experience NSAs that are often severe. These events are usually triggered by seizures or other stressful events and can be successfully managed with interventions tailored to the severity of the NSA.

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  • Ensuring Optimal Early Childhood Development Globally: Optimism about the Increasing Role of Pediatricians. Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics : JDBP Mikati, M. A., Uchitel, J. 2023; 44 (1): e70

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