BA in Political Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. Certificate from the Sutardja Center of Entrepreneurship, UC Berkeley in Emerging Technologies. Attended the International Security and Intelligence (ISI) Program at the University of Cambridge, UK and learned from members of the CIA, MI5, MI6, navy intelligence, and private intelligence organizations who explored areas such as bioinformatics, nuclear proliferation, psychographics, relations between: US-Russia, US-China, Russia-Ukraine, China-Taiwan, Balkans, etc, asymmetric warfare, AI and cybersecurity, ethical limitations of drone usage, the future of clandestine operations, emerging technologies role in forcing espionage into the global south, etc. My research specifically covered information warfare, Russia-Ukraine disinformation attacks, and media literacy's role in combating information asymmetries and manipulations. Titled: DOUBLED-DOWN DEMAGOGUERY, DISINFORMATION, AND PROPAGANDA: Dissecting Ukraine and Finland’s Media Literacy Strategy and Its Adaptation to the US Sociopolitical Landscape.