Professional Education

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Chicago (2015)

All Publications

  • Open Questions in Cosmic-Ray Research at Ultrahigh Energies FRONTIERS IN ASTRONOMY AND SPACE SCIENCES Batista, R., Biteau, J., Bustamante, M., Dolag, K., Engel, R., Fang, K., Kampert, K., Kostunin, D., Mostafa, M., Murase, K., Oikonomou, F., Olinto, A., Panasyuk, M., Sigl, G., Taylor, A. M., Unger, M. 2019; 6
  • Probing the Emission Mechanism and Magnetic Field of Neutrino Blazars with Multiwavelength Polarization Signatures ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Zhang, H., Fang, K., Li, H., Giannios, D., Bottcher, M., Buson, S. 2019; 876 (2)