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  • Modeling multiple ecosystem services and beneficiaries of riparian reforestation in Costa Rica ECOSYSTEM SERVICES Langhans, K. E., Schmitt, R. P., Chaplin-Kramer, R., Anderson, C. B., Vargas Bolanos, C., Vargas Cabezas, F., Dirzo, R., Goldstein, J. A., Horangic, T., Miller Granados, C., Powell, T. M., Smith, J. R., Alvarado Quesada, I., Umana Quesada, A., Monge Vargas, R., Wolny, S., Daily, G. C. 2022; 57
  • Elevation affects extra-pair paternity but not a sexually selected plumage trait in dark-eyed juncos BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY AND SOCIOBIOLOGY LaBarbera, K., Hayes, K. R., Langhans, K. E., Lacey, E. A. 2019; 73 (6)