Kenneth Fields' collections of poetry are The Other Walker, Sunbelly, Smoke, The Odysseus Manuscripts, and Anemographia: A Treatise on the Wind. He has completed the manuscripts of two other collections: Classic Rough News and Music from Another Room. His current projects are a novel, Father of Mercies, and a collection of essays on Mina Loy, H.D., Yvor Winters, Janet Lewis, J.V. Cunningham, Anne Bradstreet, Emily Dickinson, Ben Jonson, Wallace Stevens, Jorge Luis Borges, Henri Coulette, and others. Fields teaches the Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop for the Stanford Writing Fellows. He is developing a two-part course in American film, Men in the Movies: Film Noir and the Western. He delivered the Russel B. Nye Lecture at Michigan State University's American Studies Program: "There Stands the Glass: Voices of Alcohol in Country Music."

Academic Appointments

  • Emeritus Faculty, Acad Council, English

Administrative Appointments

  • Director of Writing and Critical Thinking Program, Stanford University (1992 - 1996)
  • Member of the Faculty, Department of English and Creative Writing Program, Stanford University (1967 - Present)

Honors & Awards

  • Richard Hugo Prize, Poetry Northwest (2009)
  • Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Letters, Columbia University (2005)

2022-23 Courses

All Publications

  • One Love: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Poetry Northwest Fields, K. 2009
  • Howling, a sequence of poems about Coyote, the American Indian trickster: Coyote and Prairie Dog, Coyote Misses the Dance, Butterfly, Coyote Orbital Southwest American Literature Fields, K. 2009
  • The Pleasures of Lying Deception: From Ancient Empires to Internet Dating Fields, K. edited by Harrington, B. Stanford University Press. 2009
  • Proud Flesh: A Recollection of Wallace Stegner Humanities: The Magazine of the National Endowment of the Humanities Fields, K. 2009
  • Classic Rough News Fields, K. University of Chicago Press. 2005
  • Outta Sight: Brodsky and Jazz and Then Some The Art of the Poem: Western Scholars on Joseph Brodsky Fields, K. edited by Loseff, L., Polukhina, V. Moscow: NLO Publishing House. 2002
  • The 'Last infirmity' CHICAGO REVIEW Fields, K. 2001; 47 (2): 5-5
  • 'Opening line' CHICAGO REVIEW Fields, K. 2001; 47 (2): 7-7
  • The 'Passive voice' CHICAGO REVIEW Fields, K. 2001; 47 (2): 6-6
  • August Delights Fields, K. Robert L. Barth. 2001
  • Yvor Winters: Teaching by Fiat Stanford Magazine Fields, K. 2000
  • "Rebirth of Venus" and "Letter of Recommendation" Hellas: A Journal of Poetry and the Humanities Fields, K. 1996; 7 (2)
  • "Rebirth of Venus" and "Letter of Recommendation" In Honor of Wesley Trimpi Fields, K. Aldine Press, Glenside, PA. 1996
  • Anemographia: A treatise on the wind Fields, K. Hit and Run Press. 1984
  • The Odysseus Manuscripts Fields, K. Elpenor Books. 1981
  • Smoke Fields, K. Knife River Press. 1975
  • Introduction Tribute to Freud Fields, K. David R. Godine. 1974
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  • Quest for Reality: An Anthology of Short Poems in English Fields, K., Winters, Y. Swallow Press. 1969