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  • Non-Boussinesq subgrid-scale model with dynamic tensorial coefficients PHYSICAL REVIEW FLUIDS Agrawal, R., Whitmore, M. P., Griffin, K. P., Bose, S. T., Moin, P. 2022; 7 (7)
  • Current state and future trends in boundary layer control on lifting surfaces ADVANCES IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Svorcan, J., Wang, J. M., Griffin, K. 2022; 14 (7)
  • Velocity transformation for compressible wall-bounded turbulent flows with and without heat transfer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Griffin, K. P., Fu, L., Moin, P. 2021; 118 (34)


    In this work, a transformation, which maps the mean velocity profiles of compressible wall-bounded turbulent flows to the incompressible law of the wall, is proposed. Unlike existing approaches, the proposed transformation successfully collapses, without specific tuning, numerical simulation data from fully developed channel and pipe flows, and boundary layers with or without heat transfer. In all these cases, the transformation is successful across the entire inner layer of the boundary layer (including the viscous sublayer, buffer layer, and logarithmic layer), recovers the asymptotically exact near-wall behavior in the viscous sublayer, and is consistent with the near balance of turbulence production and dissipation in the logarithmic region of the boundary layer. The performance of the transformation is verified for compressible wall-bounded flows with edge Mach numbers ranging from 0 to 15 and friction Reynolds numbers ranging from 200 to 2,000. Based on physical arguments, we show that such a general transformation exists for compressible wall-bounded turbulence regardless of the wall thermal condition.

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  • Velocity transformation for compressible wall-bounded turbulent flows with and without heat transfer PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Griffin, K., Fu, L., Moin, P. 2021; 118 (34)
  • General method for determining the boundary layer thickness in nonequilibrium flows Physical Review Fluids Griffin, K., Fu, L., Moin, P. 2021; 6: 024608
  • Grid-point and time-step requirements for direct numerical simulation and large-eddy simulation PHYSICS OF FLUIDS Yang, X. A., Griffin, K. P. 2021; 33 (1)

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  • Control of long-range correlations in turbulence EXPERIMENTS IN FLUIDS Griffin, K. P., Wei, N. J., Bodenschatz, E., Bewley, G. P. 2019; 60 (4)