Meet Kewana Nichols, the inaugural Associate Director of the Racial Equity to Advance a Community of Health (REACH) Initiative. Operating in tandem with Stanford Medicine’s Commission on Justice and Equity, The REACH Initiative at Stanford Medicine is dedicated to training a new generation of leaders in medicine and science who will actively promote equity and social justice while working to reduce society’s devastating health disparities. As the new Associate Director, Ms. Nichols will provide leadership and support for REACH’s various programs: Postbaccalaureate Experience in Research, MD/MS Program in Health Equity Research, Scholarly Concentration in Health Equity and Social Justice, Clinical Clerkship in Community Health of the Undeserved, and REACH Bioscience Ph.D. Fellowship. Ms. Nichols will also support REACH’s HBCU Visiting Student and Faculty Exchange Program. Ms. Nichols is a first-generation UC Davis alumna passionate about DEI. She most recently served as Co-Chair for the Stanford Pediatrics Advancing Anti-Racism Coalition (SPAARC) Leadership Representation Committee.

Current Role at Stanford

Associate Director, Stanford Medicine REACH Initiative (December 2021 - Present