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  • Evaluating the Potential and Challenges of an Uncertainty Quantification Method for Long Short-Term Memory Models for Soil Moisture Predictions WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH Fang, K., Kifer, D., Lawson, K., Shen, C. 2020; 56 (12)
  • Revealing Causal Controls of Storage-Streamflow Relationships With a Data-Centric Bayesian Framework Combining Machine Learning and Process-Based Modeling FRONTIERS IN WATER Tsai, W., Fang, K., Ji, X., Lawson, K., Shen, C. 2020; 2
  • Enhancing Streamflow Forecast and Extracting Insights Using Long-Short Term Memory Networks With Data Integration at Continental Scales WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH Feng, D., Fang, K., Shen, C. 2020; 56 (9)