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  • Computation through Cortical Dynamics. Neuron Driscoll, L. N., Golub, M. D., Sussillo, D. 2018; 98 (5): 873–75


    Population dynamics is emerging as a language for understanding high-dimensional neural recordings. Remington etal. (2018) explore how inputs to frontal cortex modulate neural dynamics in order to implement a computation of interest.

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  • Dynamic Reorganization of Neuronal Activity Patterns in Parietal Cortex CELL Driscoll, L. N., Pettit, N. L., Minderer, M., Chettih, S. N., Harvey, C. D. 2017; 170 (5): 986-+


    Neuronal representations change as associations are learned between sensory stimuli and behavioral actions. However, it is poorly understood whether representations for learned associations stabilize in cortical association areas or continue to change following learning. We tracked the activity of posterior parietal cortex neurons for a month as mice stably performed a virtual-navigation task. The relationship between cells' activity and task features was mostly stable on single days but underwent major reorganization over weeks. The neurons informative about task features (trial type and maze locations) changed across days. Despite changes in individual cells, the population activity had statistically similar properties each day and stable information for over a week. As mice learned additional associations, new activity patterns emerged in the neurons used for existing representations without greatly affecting the rate of change of these representations. We propose that dynamic neuronal activity patterns could balance plasticity for learning and stability for memory.

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