Hello! I am a PhD candidate at the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME). I am proud to be advised by Professor Gianluca Iaccarino.

Some of my research interests include stochastic Galerkin methods, uncertainty quantification, polynomial chaos, applied partial differential equations, and Monte Carlo methods — though often, the academic boundaries and specific titles will overlap. Prior to graduate school, I attended Reed College as a mathematics major and worked as a software developer in Portland, OR. In 2018, I was a recipient of the Stanford Centennial Teaching Award. I am also a Stanford EDGE Fellow and was awarded the Thomas V. Jones Fellowship Fund.

If you have questions about more current work, the best route is to contact me via email ( directly. Thanks!

2021-22 Courses

All Publications

  • Extending bluff-and-fix estimates for polynomial chaos expansions Journal of Computational Science Lyman, L., Iaccarino, G. 2021; 50: 101287
  • A Bluff-and-Fix Algorithm for Polynomial Chaos Methods International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS) Lyman, L., Iaccarino, G. 2020: 742-756
  • Robust Graph Ideals ANNALS OF COMBINATORICS Boocher, A., Brown, B. C., Duff, T., Lyman, L., Murayama, T., Nesky, A., Schaefer, K. 2015; 19 (4): 641-660