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  • Uncertainty-aware online merge planning with learned driver behavior IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC) Kruse, L., Yel, E., Senanayake, R., Kochenderfer, M. J. 2022
  • A Hybrid Rule-Based and Data-Driven Approach to Driver Modeling Through Particle Filtering IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS Bhattacharyya, R., Jung, S., Kruse, L. A., Senanayake, R., Kochenderfer, M. J. 2021
  • Dyadic Sex Composition and Task Classification Using fNIRS Hyperscanning Data Kruse, L. A., Reiss, A. L., Kochenderfer, M. J., Balters, S., Wani, M. A., Sethi, Shi, W., Qu, G., Raicu, D. S., Jin, R. IEEE. 2021: 582-588