I am a coastal physical oceanographer specializing in submesoscale (0.1-10 km) processes with an interest in interdisciplinary research linking fluid dynamics to coastal environments. I am also a big fan of turbulence and mixing processes in the coastal ocean. I use a hierarchy of ocean modeling tools, including ROMS (RANS), DIABLO (LES), and DEDALUS (CFD solver), to combine with theories to explore the coastal ocean. I received my Ph.D. in oceanography under the supervision of Prof. Robert Hetland at Texas A&M University and currently work with Prof. Leif Thomas as a postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford Earth.

Honors & Awards

  • James Sharp Graduate Scholarship, Texas A&M University (2018)
  • Chapman Award for Graduate Research, Texas A&M University (2017)
  • Donald and Melba Ross Scholarship, Texas A&M University (2017)
  • A.T. Webber Fellowship in Oceanography, Texas A&M University (2016)
  • Robert O. Reid Oceanography Fellowship, Texas A&M University, (2015)
  • James Sharp Graduate Scholarship, Texas A&M University (2014)

Stanford Advisors

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

Research interests: Buoyancy driven flow in coastal environments; Bottom mixing and turbulence; Submesoscale processes; Near-inertial waves; Impacts of fluid dynamics on marine ecology and biology.

All Publications

  • Bottom Mixing Enhanced by Tropical Storm-Generated Near-Inertial Waves Entering Critical Layers in the Straits of Florida GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS Qu, L., Thomas, L., Gula, J. 2021; 48 (15)
  • Performance of offline passive tracer advection in the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS; v3.6, revision 904) GEOSCIENTIFIC MODEL DEVELOPMENT Thyng, K. M., Kobashi, D., Ruiz-Xomchuk, V., Qu, L., Chen, X., Hetland, R. D. 2021; 14 (1): 391–407
  • Near-Inertial-Wave Critical Layers over Sloping Bathymetry JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY Qu, L., Thomas, L., Hetland, R. 2021; 51 (6): 1737--1756

    View details for DOI 10.1175/JPO-D-20-0221.1

  • Small-Scale Variability of Bottom Oxygen in the Northern Gulf of Mexico JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANS Ruiz Xomchuk, V., Hetland, R. D., Qu, L. 2021; 126 (1)
  • Nongeostrophic Baroclinic Instability over Sloping Bathymetry: Buoyant Flow Regime JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY Qu, L., Hetland, R. 2020; 50 (7): 1937–56
  • Temporal Resolution of Wind Forcing Required for River Plume Simulations JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANS Qu, L., Hetland, R. D. 2019; 124 (3): 1459-1473
  • The Asymmetric Continental Shelf Wave in Response to the Synoptic Wind Burst in a Semienclosed Double-Shelf Basin JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANS Qu, L., Lin, X., Hetland, R. D., Guo, J. 2018; 123 (1): 131-148