Honors & Awards

  • Doc.Mobility Fellowship, Swiss National Science Foundation (2016)
  • Paul Kirkpatrick Teaching Award, Stanford University (2016)
  • EPFL Excellence Fellowship for Masters of Science, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (2014)

All Publications

  • Theory of Diffusive Fluctuations PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Xinyi Chen-Lin, Delacretaz, L. V., Hartnoll, S. A. 2019; 122 (9)
  • Transport signatures of the Hall viscosity Physical Review Letters Delacretaz, L. V., Gromov, A. 2017; 119 (226602): 226602


    Hall viscosity is a nondissipative response function describing momentum transport in two-dimensional systems with broken parity. It is quantized in the quantum Hall regime, and contains information about the topological order of the quantum Hall state. Hall viscosity can distinguish different quantum Hall states with identical Hall conductances, but different topological order. To date, an experimentally accessible signature of Hall viscosity is lacking. We exploit the fact that Hall viscosity contributes to charge transport at finite wavelengths, and can therefore be extracted from nonlocal resistance measurements in inhomogeneous charge flows. We explain how to determine the Hall viscosity from such a transport experiment. In particular, we show that the profile of the electrochemical potential close to contacts where current is injected is sensitive to the value of the Hall viscosity.

    View details for DOI 10.1103/PhysRevLett.119.226602

  • Thermalization, viscosity and the averaged null energy condition JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Delacretaz, L., Hartman, T., Hartnoll, S. A., Lewkowycz, A. 2018
  • Theory of the supercyclotron resonance and Hall response in anomalous two-dimensional metals PHYSICAL REVIEW B Delacretaz, L., Hartnoll, S. A. 2018; 97 (22)
  • The Supersymmetric Effective Field Theory of Inflation JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Delacretaz, L. V., Gorbenko, V., Senatore, L. 2017
  • Boost breaking in the EFT of inflation JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS Delacretaz, L. V., Noumi, T., Senatore, L. 2017
  • Hydrodynamic transport in phase-disordered charge density wave states Physical Review B Delacretaz, L. V., Gouteraux, B., Hartnoll, S. A., Karlsson, A. 2017; 96 (195128): 47
  • Bad Metals from Density Waves SciPost Physics Delacretaz, L. V., Gouteraux, B., Hartnoll, S. A., Karlsson, A. 2017; 3 (025)
  • Hydrodynamic theory of quantum fluctuating superconductivity PHYSICAL REVIEW B Davison, R. A., Delacretaz, L. V., Gouteraux, B., Hartnoll, S. A. 2016; 94 (5)
  • Wess-Zumino Terms for Relativistic Fluids, Superfluids, Solids, and Supersolids PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Delacretaz, L. V., Nicolis, A., Penco, R., Rosen, R. A. 2015; 114 (9)


    We use the coset construction of low-energy effective actions to systematically derive Wess-Zumino (WZ) terms for fluid and isotropic solid systems in two, three, and four spacetime dimensions. We recover the known WZ term for fluids in two dimensions as well as the very recently found WZ term for fluids in three dimensions. We find two new WZ terms for supersolids that have not previously appeared in the literature. In addition, by relaxing certain assumptions about the symmetry group of fluids we find a number of new WZ terms for fluids with and without charge, in all dimensions. We find no WZ terms for solids and superfluids.

    View details for DOI 10.1103/PhysRevLett.114.091601

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    View details for PubMedID 25793796

  • (Re-)inventing the relativistic wheel: gravity, cosets, and spinning objects JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Delacretaz, L. V., Endlich, S., Monin, A., Penco, R., Riva, F. 2014