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  • In vivo targeting of E. coli with vancomycin-arginine. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy Neville, L. F., Shalit, I. n., Warn, P. A., Scheetz, M. H., Sun, J. n., Chosy, M. B., Wender, P. A., Cegelski, L. n., Rendell, J. T. 2021


    The ability of vancomycin-arginine (V-r) to extend the spectrum of activity of glycopeptides to gram-negative bacteria was investigated. Its MIC towards E. coli including β-lactamase expressing Ambler classes A, B, and D was 8-16μg/ml. Addition of 8×MIC V-r to E. coli was acutely bactericidal and associated with a low frequency of resistance (< 2.3×10-10). In vivo, V-r markedly reduced E. coli burden by >7 log10 CFU/g in a thigh muscle model. These data warrant further development of V-r in combatting E. coli, including resistant forms.

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