Malav Desai, MAE, is a Research Data Analyst for Stanford-Surgery Policy Improvement Research & Education Center (S-SPIRE). Malav received his Master's degree in Econometrics & Quantitative Economics (Applied Economics) from the Ohio State University. Prior to joining S-SPIRE, Malav served as Medicaid Economist for the State of Ohio's Department of Medicaid where he worked in the Fiscal Operation and forecasted the biennial Medicaid budget, predicted monthly enrollments and analyzed pharmaceutical costs. Malav has experience with quantitative and qualitative research methodologies along with a strong econometrics background. His interest fields are Health Economics, Labor Economics, Internatinal Economics and Behavioral Economics. As a Research Data Analyst, He works in the realm of health economics and collaborates with the VA-Health Economics and Research Center (HERC) researchers and scientist on various projects that help with policy implementation and benefit Veterans with their health cost.

Current Role at Stanford

Research Data Analyst, S- SPIRE center