PhD in Energy Resources Engineering with SUPRI A

Advisor: Dr. Anthony Kovscek.

Research Interest: CO2 Storage, Super Resolution Neural Network, Core Imaging, Reservoir Simulation, CCUS, Rock Physics, Reservoir Engineering

All Publications

  • Carbon storage capacity of shale formations: Mineral control on CO2 adsorption INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GREENHOUSE GAS CONTROL Murugesu, M., Joewondo, N., Prasad, M. 2023; 124
  • Mixed imbibition controls the advance of wetting fluid in multiscale geological media Advances in Water Resources Kurotori, T., Murugesu, M. P., Zahasky, C., Vega, B., Druhan, J. L., Benson, S. M., Kovscek, A. R. 2023