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  • Differential Intracellular Protein Distribution in Cancer and Normal Cells-Beta-Catenin and CapG in Gynecologic Malignancies. Cancers Fernandez, M. K., Sinha, M., Renz, M. 2022; 14 (19)


    It is well-established that cancer and normal cells can be differentiated based on the altered sequence and expression of specific proteins. There are only a few examples, however, showing that cancer and normal cells can be differentiated based on the altered distribution of proteins within intracellular compartments. Here, we review available data on shifts in the intracellular distribution of two proteins, the membrane associated beta-catenin and the actin-binding protein CapG. Both proteins show altered distributions in cancer cells compared to normal cells. These changes are noted (i) in steady state and thus can be visualized by immunohistochemistry-beta-catenin shifts from the plasma membrane to the cell nucleus in cancer cells; and (ii) in the dynamic distribution that can only be revealed using the tools of quantitative live cell microscopy-CapG shuttles faster into the cell nucleus of cancer cells. Both proteins may play a role as prognosticators in gynecologic malignancies: beta-catenin in endometrial cancer and CapG in breast and ovarian cancer. Thus, both proteins may serve as examples of altered intracellular protein distribution in cancer and normal cells.

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