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  • Toward a mechanistic understanding of electrocatalytic nanocarbon. Nature communications Askins, E. J., Zoric, M. R., Li, M., Luo, Z., Amine, K., Glusac, K. D. 2021; 12 (1): 3288


    Electrocatalytic nanocarbon (EN) is a class of material receiving intense interest as a potential replacement for expensive, metal-based electrocatalysts for energy conversion and chemical production applications. The further development of EN will require an intricate knowledge of its catalytic behaviors, however, the true nature of their electrocatalytic activity remains elusive. This review highlights work that contributed valuable knowledge in the elucidation of EN catalytic mechanisms. Experimental evidence from spectroscopic studies and well-defined molecular models, along with the survey of computational studies, is summarized to document our current mechanistic understanding of EN-catalyzed oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen electrochemistry. We hope this review will inspire future development of synthetic methods and in situ spectroscopic tools to make and study well-defined EN structures.

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