Education & Certifications

  • BA, Claremont McKenna College, Physics (2020)
  • BA, Claremont McKenna College, Economics (2020)

Personal Interests

I've frequently found myself at the intersection of technology and business. I enjoy delving into the nitty-gritty behind cutting-edge technologies, but I also enjoy trying to understand how new technologies will affect the economy and our society. How far can AI be pushed into peoples' everyday lives? And at what point does computing theory run up against practicality? I hope to broaden my horizons and come closer to answering these questions during my time at Stanford.

I'm also incredibly fascinated by computational finance. In a domain as psychologically-driven as finance and markets, how can we design algorithms to accommodate or take advantage of people's irrationality and emotion? Can algorithms successfully find long-term value, or alert portfolio managers to attractive special situations (a la Joel Greenblatt). Is there a lucrative middle ground between the investment styles of Steven Schwarzman and Jim Simons? Further, I find risk modeling based on volatility alone to be incredibly irritating, and as shown by the Great Recession, incredibly flawed (a shoutout and thanks to Nassim Nicholas Taleb for his incredibly insightful Incerto). Can higher dimensional modeling do a better job at quantifying the risk of "permanent capital loss?" What about asset correlations, counter-party risk, and systemic risk posed by things like levered ETFs?

I love nothing more than an interesting conversation over a good cup of coffee, so if my interests align with yours, please don't hesitate to send me an email!

Other interests: Video Compression, Multi-physics Modeling, Statistical Inference, Business, Finance, Economics, Venture Capital