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  • Doctor of Philosophy, Hong Kong University Of Science & Technology (2014)

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  • Photonic crystal slab Laplace operator for image differentiation OPTICA Guo, C., Xiao, M., Minkov, M., Shi, Y., Fan, S. 2018; 5 (3): 251–56
  • Synthetic space with arbitrary dimensions in a few rings undergoing dynamic modulation PHYSICAL REVIEW B Yuan, L., Xiao, M., Lin, Q., Fan, S. 2018; 97 (10)
  • Effects of non-Hermitian perturbations on Weyl Hamiltonians with arbitrary topological charges PHYSICAL REVIEW B Cerjan, A., Xiao, M., Yuan, L., Fan, S. 2018; 97 (7)
  • Photonic Weyl Point in a 2D Resonator Array with a Synthetic Frequency Dimension Lin, Q., Xiao, M., Yuan, L., Fan, S., IEEE IEEE. 2017
  • Experiment Realization of Synthetic Weyl Points In Optical Regime Wang, Q., Xiao, M., Liu, H., Zhu, S., Chan, C. T., IEEE IEEE. 2017
  • Photonic Weyl point in a two-dimensional resonator lattice with a synthetic frequency dimension NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Lin, Q., Xiao, M., Yuan, L., Fan, S. 2016; 7


    Weyl points, as a signature of 3D topological states, have been extensively studied in condensed matter systems. Recently, the physics of Weyl points has also been explored in electromagnetic structures such as photonic crystals and metamaterials. These structures typically have complex three-dimensional geometries, which limits the potential for exploring Weyl point physics in on-chip integrated systems. Here we show that Weyl point physics emerges in a system of two-dimensional arrays of resonators undergoing dynamic modulation of refractive index. In addition, the phase of modulation can be controlled to explore Weyl points under different symmetries. Furthermore, unlike static structures, in this system the non-trivial topology of the Weyl point manifests in terms of surface state arcs in the synthetic space that exhibit one-way frequency conversion. Our system therefore provides a versatile platform to explore and exploit Weyl point physics on chip.

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  • Time reversal of a wave packet with temporal modulation of gauge potential PHYSICAL REVIEW B Yuan, L., Xiao, M., Fan, S. 2016; 94 (14)
  • The existence of topological edge states in honeycomb plasmonic lattices NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Wang, L., Zhang, R., Xiao, M., Han, D., CHAN, C. T., Wen, W. 2016; 18
  • Hyperbolic Weyl Point in Reciprocal Chiral Metamaterials. Physical review letters Xiao, M., Lin, Q., Fan, S. 2016; 117 (5): 057401-?


    We report the existence of Weyl points in a class of noncentral symmetric metamaterials, which has time reversal symmetry, but does not have inversion symmetry due to chiral coupling between electric and magnetic fields. This class of metamaterial exhibits either type-I or type-II Weyl points depending on its nonlocal response. We also provide a physical realization of such metamaterial consisting of an array of metal wires in the shape of elliptical helices which exhibits type-II Weyl points.

    View details for DOI 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.057401

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