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  • Direct Water Decomposition on Transition Metal Surfaces: Structural Dependence and Catalytic Screening CATALYSIS LETTERS Tsai, C., Lee, K., Yoo, J. S., Liu, X., Aljama, H., Chen, L. D., Dickens, C. F., Geisler, T. S., Guido, C. J., Joseph, T. M., Kirk, C. S., Latimer, A. A., Loong, B., McCarty, R. J., Montoya, J. H., Power, L., Singh, A. R., Willis, J. J., Winterkorn, M. M., Yuan, M., Zhao, Z., Wilcox, J., Norskov, J. K. 2016; 146 (4): 718-724
  • Understanding Deviations in Hydrogen Solubility Predictions in Transition Metals through First-Principles Calculations JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Lee, K., Yuan, M., Wilcox, J. 2015; 119 (34): 19642-19653
  • Consideration of a nitrogen-selective membrane for postcombustion carbon capture through process modeling and optimization JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE Yuan, M., Narakornpijit, K., Haghpanah, R., Wilcox, J. 2014; 465: 177-184