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  • Y SPACE WARPS - I. Crowdsourcing the discovery of gravitational lenses MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Marshall, P. J., Verma, A., More, A., Davis, C. P., More, S., Kapadia, A., Parrish, M., Snyder, C., Wilcox, J., Baeten, E., MacMillan, C., Cornen, C., Baumer, M., Simpson, E., Lintott, C. J., Miller, D., Paget, E., Simpson, R., Smith, A. M., Kueng, R., Saha, P., Collett, T. E. 2016; 455 (2): 1171-1190
  • Intrinsic pixel size variation in an LSST prototype sensor JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION Baumer, M. A., Roodman, A. 2015; 10