I'm a theoretical physicist interested in questions related to dark matter, high-energy particle phenomenology, and early-universe cosmology.

The broad focus of my current research is on developing novel or unconventional search techniques to explore a diversity of new physics ideas in a range of terrestrial, astrophysical, and cosmological systems. A large portion of my work has a nexus to the dark matter problem, or deals with other early-universe relics (e.g., CHAMPs). Much of my recent and ongoing research in this direction has involved the detection of axion-like particles and dark photons, or has involved my ongoing interest in extracting signals of new physics from existing physical systems or data sets. My less-recent past work has included examining a variety of phenomenological and theoretical aspects of Higgs physics, and particle physics aspects of early-universe cosmology.

Professional Education

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Chicago (2017)
  • Master of Science, University of Chicago (2012)
  • Bachelor of Science, University Of Cape Town (2010)

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