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  • Information workflow of academic researchers in the evolving information environment: an interview study LEARNED PUBLISHING Newman, M. L., Sack, J. 2013; 26 (2): 123-131

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  • HighWire Press 2009 Librarian eBook Survey Newman, Michael L., Bui, Anh 2010
  • Collections strategies for electronic books Information Outlook Newman, Michael L. 2010; 14 (4): 10-12
  • Journal Editorial Policies, Animal Welfare, and the 3Rs AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BIOETHICS Osborne, N. J., Payne, D., Newman, M. L. 2009; 9 (12): 55-59


    This study evaluates the editorial policies of a randomized sample of English language peer-reviewed journals that publish original research involving the use of animals. The aim is to identify whether journals have editorial policies relating to the use of animals in the research that they are prepared to publish and whether any policies are likely to promote animal welfare and dissemination of information on the 3Rs (reduction, refinement, replacement) within the scientific community. The results demonstrate that a significant proportion of journals publishing original research involving animals do not have any editorial policy relating to the use of animals. Of those journals that do have policies the majority simply request that the research be carried out in accordance with standard regulatory requirements. This paper aims to provide editors and publishers with the information they need to review their own editorial policies to ensure they are fulfilling their potential to promote animal welfare and dissemination of the 3Rs.

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  • Response to Open Peer Commentaries on "Journal Editorial Policies, Animal Welfare, and the 3Rs" AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BIOETHICS Osborne, N. J., Payne, D., Newman, M. L. 2009; 9 (12): W3-W3

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  • The HighWire Press at Stanford University: a review of current features Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Newman, Michael L. 1997


    A microcomputer-based, net-lending interlibrary loan system was developed at Lane Medical Library, Stanford University. The system, designed to generate the monthly billing invoices and all necessary statistical reports, has reduced the time required for logging-in procedures and compilation of monthly, quarterly, and annual statistics. User menus, help screens, and choice fields were developed explicitly for library staff who have little or no computer experience. The program was written using the DataEase database management software running on IBM PC, XT, AT, or compatible with a minimum of 512K RAM. Described are features of this automated interlibrary loan management system and its use in a net-lending interlibrary loan department. It focuses on data entry in the "Library Directory" and "ILL Log Sheet," details of billing invoices, and statistical reports, and flexibility in modifying tax rates, borrowing fees, and other parameters.

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