Michael is a dual MBA/PhD student at Stanford. Michael's research focuses on the psychological and sociological issues underpinning sharing -- of both material goods and personal vulnerabilities. In collaboration with companies in the sharing economy, Michael studies the drivers of trust, the role of money in supporting and undermining sharing communities, and how to motivate sharing community members to achieve a common goal. His research calls into question the long-held assertion that markets and communities are distinct dichotomies.

In addition, Michael has taught "Scaling Sharing" at Stanford's design school and facilitates OB 374 - Interpersonal Dynamics (i.e., "Touchy Feely") at Stanford's Graduate School of Business.

Prior to Stanford, Michael worked as a management consultant at Monitor Deloitte, where he focused on climate change, corporate sustainability, marketing, and organizational behavior. While working with a diverse set of firms and governments, Michael recognized the need for interdisciplinary scholarship to help organizations proactively address complex, interdependent social and environmental challenges.

Current Role at Stanford

Doctoral Candidate, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources

Education & Certifications

  • AB, Harvard University, Biology (2003)
  • MA, Stanford University, Sociology (Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior) (2013)
  • MBA, Stanford University (2010)

Work Experience

  • Engagement Manager, Consultant, Monitor Group (now Deloitte) (9/1/2003 - 9/1/2008)


    Cambridge, MA