Professional Education

  • Bachelor of Science, Tel-Aviv University (2009)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Tel-Aviv University (2016)

Stanford Advisors

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  • In-situ observation of plasmon-controlled photocatalytic dehydrogenation of individual palladium nanoparticles. Nature communications Vadai, M., Angell, D. K., Hayee, F., Sytwu, K., Dionne, J. A. 2018; 9 (1): 4658


    Plasmonic nanoparticle catalysts offer improved light absorption and carrier transport compared to traditional photocatalysts. However, it remains unclear how plasmonic excitation affects multi-step reaction kinetics and promotes site-selectivity. Here, we visualize a plasmon-induced reaction at the sub-nanoparticle level in-situ and in real-time. Using an environmental transmission electron microscope combined with light excitation, we study the photocatalytic dehydrogenation of individual palladium nanocubes coupled to gold nanoparticles with sub-2 nanometer spatial resolution. We find that plasmons increase the rate of distinct reaction steps with unique time constants; enable reaction nucleation at specific sites closest to the electromagnetic hot spots; and appear to open a new reaction pathway that is not observed without illumination. These effects are explained by plasmon-mediated population of excited-state hybridized palladium-hydrogen orbitals. Our results help elucidate the role of plasmons in light-driven photochemical transformations, en-route to design of site-selective and product-specific photocatalysts.

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  • Plasmonic approaches for visualizing and controlling intercalation-driven phase transformations Dionne, J., Hayee, F., Vadai, M., Angell, D., Sytwu, K. AMER CHEMICAL SOC. 2018
  • In-situ observation of plasmon-driven hydrogenation reactions within Au@Pd coreshell nanoparticles Sytwu, K., Vadai, M., Hayee, F., Koh, A., Sinclair, R., Dionne, J. AMER CHEMICAL SOC. 2018
  • In-situ visualization of plasmon-induced hydrogenation reactions in individual palladium nanocubes Vadai, M., Angell, D., Hayee, F., Sytwu, K., Dionne, J. AMER CHEMICAL SOC. 2018
  • Roadmap on plasmonics JOURNAL OF OPTICS Stockman, M. I., Kneipp, K., Bozhevolnyi, S. I., Saha, S., Dutta, A., Ndukaife, J., Kinsey, N., Reddy, H., Guler, U., Shalaev, V. M., Boltasseva, A., Gholipour, B., Krishnamoorthy, H. S., MacDonald, K. F., Soci, C., Zheludev, N. I., Savinov, V., Singh, R., Gross, P., Lienau, C., Vadai, M., Solomon, M. L., Barton, D. R., Lawrence, M., Dionne, J. A., Boriskina, S. V., Esteban, R., Aizpurua, J., Zhang, X., Yang, S., Wang, D., Wang, W., Odom, T. W., Accanto, N., de Roque, P. M., Hancu, I. M., Piatkowski, L., van Hulst, N. F., Kling, M. F. 2018; 20 (4)