Michelle is an animal welfare academic and an author originally from Australia. She has previously been a Fellow with the Animal Law & Policy Program at Harvard Law School and co-founded and managed international animal welfare development programs. Aiming to better understand the stakeholders capable of making impactful change for animals around the world, such as livestock leaders in Asia, her mixed methodology research focusses on the identification of barriers, opportunities, mutual benefits, and solutions with the goal of engaging traditionally adversarial parties into strategic collaboration to improve animal welfare beyond borders. She continues to publish her research to support improvement in international development and consults with NGOs to build their international programs.

Research interests

•Animal welfare •International development strategy •Cross-cultural anthrozoology •Stakeholder engagement •Effective animal advocacy


•PhD | School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland (2017-2020)
•MSc | International Animal Welfare, Ethics & Law, University of Edinburgh (2015-2017)

Selected Publications

•International Perceptions of Animals and the Importance of their Welfare (2022). Sinclair, M., Lee, N., Hötzel, M.J., Luna, M.C.d., Sharma, A., Idris, M., et al. Frontiers in Animal Science: Animal Welfare and Policy 3. doi: 10.3389/fanim.2022.960379
•Opportunities for the Progression of Farm Animal Welfare in China (2022). Sinclair, M., Lee, H.P., Chen, M., Li, X., Mi, J., Chen, S., et al. Frontiers in Animal Science: Animal Welfare and Policy 3.
•Key Tenets of Operational Success in International Animal Welfare Initiatives (2018). Sinclair, M., & Phillips, C. J. C. Animals, 8(6).
•The Benefits of Improving Animal Welfare from the Perspective of Livestock Stakeholders across Asia (2019). Sinclair, M., Fryer, C., & Phillips, C. J. C. Animals, 9(4), 123.

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