Mike Hochleutner is Director of the Stanford MSx Program, a one-year MS in Management for Experienced Leaders at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB). Each year, Stanford selects an accomplished group of experienced leaders from across the globe, to spend a year as Fellows in the MSx Program, preparing for senior roles in business, government, and society. Since it was established in 1957, alumni have gone on to lead global organizations, serving as policymakers and diplomats, financiers, entrepreneurs, and social innovators.

Mike’s career has focused on a mix of studying, promoting and practicing organizational and community leadership. Previously, Mike was Executive Director of the Center for Leadership Development and Research at the GSB. Prior to joining Stanford, he was Vice President of Programs for American Leadership Forum, where he worked with and coached a cohort of CEOs, elected officials, and other senior leaders from the public, private and social sectors to address regional issues in Silicon Valley. He also worked for Accenture’s strategy practice and Catalyst Consulting Team, and as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Slovakia, Mike worked to strengthen NGO sector governance and leadership, in addition to initiating a youth get-out-the-vote campaign.

Mike is also co-founder of New Bohemia Brewing Co., a microbrewery based in Santa Cruz, CA. He has an MBA from Stanford, and a BA in economics and political science from University of California, Santa Cruz.