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  • Lorentzian inversion and anomalous dimensions in Mellin space Shyani, M. 2019
  • Sparseness bounds on local operators in holographic CFTd JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Mefford, E., Shaghoulian, E., Shyani, M. 2018
  • Escaping the Interiors of Pure Boundary-State Black Holes Almheiri, A., Mousatov, A., Shyani, M. 2018
  • Universality of sparse d > 2 conformal field theory at large N JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Belin, A., De Boer, J., Kruthoff, J., Michel, B., Shaghoulian, E., Shyani, M. 2017
  • Logarithmic corrections to twisted indices from the quantum entropy function JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS Chowdhury, A., Gupta, R. K., Lal, S., Shyania, M., Thakure, S. 2014