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  • A Stretchable Tactile Sleeve for Reaching Into Cluttered Spaces IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS Gruebele, A. M., Lin, M. A., Brouwer, D., Yuan, S., Zerbe, A. C., Cutkosky, M. R. 2021; 6 (3): 5308-5315
  • Exploratory Hand: Leveraging Safe Contact to Facilitate Manipulation in Cluttered Spaces IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS Lin, M. A., Thomasson, R., Uribe, G., Choi, H., Cutkosky, M. 2021; 6 (3): 5159-5166
  • A 3D Printed Ex Vivo Left Heart Simulator Quantifies and Validates Posterior Ventricular Anchoring Neochordoplasty Paulsen, M. J., Bae, J., Imbrie-Moore, A. M., Wang, H., Farry, J. M., Lin, M. A., Hironaka, C. E., Lucian, H. J., Edwards, B. B., Thankore, A. D., MacArthur, J. W., Steele, A. N., Stapleton, L., Williams, K. M., Deschamps, D., Kulkarni, R., Cutkosky, M. R., Woo, Y. LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS. 2018
  • HoloNeedle: Augmented Reality Guidance System for Needle Placement Investigating the Advantages of Three-Dimensional Needle Shape Reconstruction IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS Lin, M. A., Siu, A. F., Bae, J., Cutkosky, M. R., Daniel, B. L. 2018; 3 (4): 4156–62
  • A Single-Chain Photoswitchable CRISPR-Cas9 Architecture for Light-Inducible Gene Editing and Transcription A Single-Chain Photoswitchable CRISPR-Cas9 Architecture for Light-Inducible Gene Editing and Transcription Zhou, X. X., Zou, X., Chung, H. K., Gao, Y., Liu, Y., QI, L. S., Lin, M. Z. 2017: 443–48


    Optical control of CRISPR-Cas9-derived proteins would be useful for restricting gene editing or transcriptional regulation to desired times and places. Optical control of Cas9 functions has been achieved with photouncageable unnatural amino acids or by using light-induced protein interactions to reconstitute Cas9-mediated functions from two polypeptides. However, these methods have only been applied to one Cas9 species and have not been used for optical control of different perturbations at two genes. Here, we use photodissociable dimeric fluorescent protein domains to engineer single-chain photoswitchable Cas9 (ps-Cas9) proteins in which the DNA-binding cleft is occluded at baseline and opened upon illumination. This design successfully controlled different species and functional variants of Cas9, mediated transcriptional activation more robustly than previous optogenetic methods, and enabled light-induced transcription of one gene and editing of another in the same cells. Thus, a single-chain photoswitchable architecture provides a general method to control a variety of Cas9-mediated functions.

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  • A Mixed-Reality System for Breast Surgical Planning Perkins, S. L., Lin, M. A., Srinivasan, S., Wheeler, A. J., Hargreaves, B. A., Daniel, B. L., Broll, W., Regenbrecht, H., Swan, J. E., Bruder, G., Servieres, M., Sugimoto, M. IEEE. 2017: 269–74
  • Display of Needle Tip Contact Forces for Steering Guidance Bae, J., Ploch, C. J., Lin, M. A., Daniel, B. L., Cutkosky, M. R., Choi, S. M., Kuchenbecker, K. J., Gerling, G. IEEE. 2016: 332–37