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  • Automated speech tools for helping communities process restricted-access corpora for language revival efforts San, N., Bartelds, M., Ogunremi, T., Mount, A., Thompson, R., Higgins, M., Barker, R., Simpson, J., Jurafsky, D., Assoc Computat Linguist ASSOC COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS-ACL. 2022: 41-51
  • LEVERAGING PRE-TRAINED REPRESENTATIONS TO IMPROVE ACCESS TO UNTRANSCRIBED SPEECH FROM ENDANGERED LANGUAGES San, N., Bartelds, M., Browne, M., Clifford, L., Gibson, F., Mansfield, J., Nash, D., Simpson, J., Turpin, M., Vollmer, M., Wilmoth, S., Jurafsky, D., IEEE IEEE. 2021: 1094-1101
  • Pre-stopping in Arabana AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF LINGUISTICS Harvey, M., San, N., Carew, M., Strangways, S., Simpson, J., Stockigt, C. 2019