Ngoc Than comes from Saigon, Vietnam. After finishing her medical school, she decided to pursue her ophthalmology resident program and also received her Master’s degree last December, 2020. During that time, she also worked as a clinical and surgical instructor.

Having a chance to participate in many international programs, one of them is ORBIS flying eye hospital, she saw and experienced in many aspects of the field. All of those have urged her to discover new things, to get involve in finding new solutions.

Her current interest is AI in Ophthalmology. The latest project with her co-worker is “Self-Supervised Domain Adaptation for Diabetic Retinopathy Grading using Vessel Image Reconstruction” has been published and will be the next step to help people who have limited access to healthcare system.

This year, she joins Dr. Nguyen’s lab as a fellow. She looks forward to being a part of this big family at Stanford, and open to participate in many activities. She loves being outside and enjoying the sunshine, night walk, biking, and believes in sustainable value.