Niccolò Tonicello graduated at University of Padova in 2015 in Aerospace Engineering and subsequently continued his studies on numerical methods for fluid dynamics pursuing a Master of Science in Mathematical Engineering at the same institution. He obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Rouen (France) with a thesis on High-order Spectral Element Methods for Compressible Turbulent Flows under the supervision of professors Luc Vervisch and Guido Lodato. After the conclusion of his Ph.D. in 2021, he obtained a short-term fellowship at Scuola Internazionale di Studi Superiori Avanzati in Trieste (Italy) focused on Reduced-Order Models for Compressible Flows in the group of professor Gianluigi Rozza. Finally, in January 2022 he started a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford on high-order methods for multiphase flows with phase change in the group of professor Matthias Ihme.
He has published in a variety of international peer-reviewed scientific journals of computational fluid dynamics, including the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Journal of Scientific Computing and Computer & Fluids.

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