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  • Determining Dark-Matter-Electron Scattering Rates from the Dielectric Function PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Hochberg, Y., Kahn, Y., Kurinsky, N., Lehmann, B., Yu, T., Berggren, K. K. 2021; 127 (15): 151802


    We show that the rate for dark-matter-electron scattering in an arbitrary material is determined by an experimentally measurable quantity, the complex dielectric function, for any dark matter interaction that couples to electron density. This formulation automatically includes many-body effects, eliminates all systematic theoretical uncertainties on the electronic wave functions, and allows a direct calibration of the spectrum by electromagnetic probes such as infrared spectroscopy, x-ray scattering, and electron energy-loss spectroscopy. Our formalism applies for several common benchmark models, including spin-independent interactions through scalar and vector mediators of arbitrary mass. We discuss the consequences for standard semiconductor and superconductor targets and find that the true reach of superconductor detectors for light mediators exceeds previous estimates by several orders of magnitude, with further enhancements possible due to the low-energy tail of the plasmon. Using a heavy-fermion superconductor as an example, we show how our formulation allows a rapid and systematic investigation of novel electron scattering targets.

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  • Silicon carbide detectors for sub-GeV dark matter PHYSICAL REVIEW D Griffin, S. M., Hochberg, Y., Inzani, K., Kurinsky, N., Lin, T., Yu, T. 2021; 103 (7)
  • Diamond detectors for direct detection of sub-GeV dark matter PHYSICAL REVIEW D Kurinsky, N., Yu, T., Hochberg, Y., Cabrera, B. 2019; 99 (12)
  • Exploring the Evolution of Star Formation and Dwarf Galaxy Properties with JWST/MIRI Serendipitous Spectroscopic Surveys ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Bonato, M., Sajina, A., De Zotti, G., McKinney, J., Baronchelli, I., Negrello, M., Marchesini, D., Roebuck, E., Shipley, H., Kurinsky, N., Pope, A., Noriega-Crespo, A., Yan, L., Kirkpatrick, A. 2017; 836 (2)
  • The evolution in the stellar mass of brightest cluster galaxies over the past 10 billion years MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Bellstedt, S., Lidman, C., Muzzin, A., Franx, M., Guatelli, S., Hill, A. R., Hoekstra, H., Kurinsky, N., Labbe, I., Marchesini, D., Marsan, Z. C., Safavi-Naeini, M., Sifon, C., Stefanon, M., van de Sande, J., van Dokkum, P., Weigel, C. 2016; 460 (3): 2862-2874
  • Planck intermediate results VII. Statistical properties of infrared and radio extragalactic sources from the Planck Early Release Compact Source Catalogue at frequencies between 100 and 857 GHz ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS Ade, P. A., Aghanim, N., Argueeso, F., Arnaud, M., Ashdown, M., Atrio-Barandela, F., Aumont, J., Baccigalupi, C., Balbi, A., Banday, A. J., Barreiro, R. B., Battaner, E., Benabed, K., Benoit, A., Bernard, J., Bersanelli, M., Bethermin, M., Bhatia, R., Bonaldi, A., Bond, J. R., Borrill, J., Bouchet, F. R., Burigana, C., Cabella, P., Cardoso, J., Catalano, A., Cayon, L., Chamballu, A., Chary, R., Chen, X., Chiang, L., Christensen, P. R., Clements, D. L., Colafrancesco, S., Colombi, S., Colombo, L. P., Coulais, A., Crill, B. P., Cuttaia, F., Danese, L., Davis, R. J., de Bernardis, P., de Gasperis, G., De Zotti, G., Delabrouille, J., Dickinson, C., Diego, J. M., Dole, H., Donzelli, S., Dore, O., Doerl, U., Douspis, M., Dupac, X., Efstathiou, G., Ensslin, T. A., Eriksen, H. K., Finelli, F., Forni, O., Fosalba, P., Frailis, M., Franceschi, E., Galeotta, S., Ganga, K., Giard, M., Giardino, G., Giraud-Heraud, Y., Gonzalez-Nuevo, J., Gorski, K. M., Gregorio, A., Gruppuso, A., Hansen, F. K., Harrison, D., Henrot-Versille, S., Hernandez-Monteagudo, C., Herranz, D., Hildebrandt, S. R., Hivon, E., Hobson, M., Holmes, W. A., JAFFE, T. R., Jaffe, A. H., Jagemann, T., Jones, W. C., Juvela, M., Keihanen, E., Kisner, T. S., Kneissl, R., Knoche, J., Knox, L., Kunz, M., Kurinsky, N., Kurki-Suonio, H., Lagache, G., Lahteenmaki, A., Lamarre, J., Lasenby, A., Lawrence, C. R., Leonardi, R., Lilje, P. B., Lopez-Caniego, M., Macias-Perez, J. F., Maino, D., Mandolesi, N., Maris, M., Marshall, D. J., Martinez-Gonzalez, E., Masi, S., Massardi, M., Matarrese, S., Mazzotta, P., Melchiorri, A., Mendes, L., Mennella, A., Mitra, S., Miville-Deschenes, M., Moneti, A., Montier, L., Morgante, G., Mortlock, D., Munshi, D., Murphy, J. A., Naselsky, P., Nati, F., Natoli, P., Norgaard-Nielsen, H. U., Noviello, F., Novikov, D., Novikov, I., Osborne, S., Pajot, F., Paladini, R., Paoletti, D., Partridge, B., Pasian, F., Patanchon, G., Perdereau, O., Perotto, L., Perrotta, F., Piacentini, F., Piat, M., Pierpaoli, E., Plaszczynski, S., Pointecouteau, E., Polenta, G., Ponthieu, N., Popa, L., Poutanen, T., Pratt, G. W., Prunet, S., Puget, J., Rachen, J. P., Reach, W. T., Rebolo, R., Reinecke, M., Renault, C., Ricciardi, S., Riller, T., Ristorcelli, I., Rocha, G., Rosset, C., Rowan-Robinson, M., Rubino-Martin, J. A., Rusholme, B., Sajina, A., Sandri, M., Savini, G., Scott, D., Smoot, G. F., Starck, J., Sudiwala, R., Suur-Uski, A., Sygnet, J., Tauber, J. A., Terenzi, L., Toffolatti, L., Tomasi, M., Tristram, M., Tucci, M., Tuerler, M., Valenziano, L., Van Tent, B., Vielva, P., Villa, F., Vittorio, N., Wade, L. A., Wandelt, B. D., White, M., Yvon, D., Zacchei, A., Zonca, A. 2013; 550