Noelle Schoellkopf is Petroleum System Modeling Advisor for Schlumberger SIS and lives in Danville, California. She has lectured regularly at Stanford since 2008, as part of the Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling (BPSM) program in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences.

Adjunct Lecturer
• GEOLSCI 248. The Petroleum System: Investigative method to explore for conventional & unconventional hydrocarbons (Magoon)
• GEOLSCI 255. Basin and Petroleum System Modeling (Peters, Hosford-Scheirer)
• GS 216. In-Depth Topics in Basin & Petroleum System Modeling (Schoellkopf, Scheirer)
• Invited guest lecturer for other courses and workshops (Mukerji, Dutta, NGI..)

Personal Profile:
• 30+ years of extensive experience with Gulf Oil, Chevron and Schlumberger, in exploration geology, new ventures evaluations, basin and petroleum systems modeling, source rock geochemical analysis and regional evaluations, exploration geologic risk assessment, numerical simulation using PetroMod and other software.
• Expertise in implementation of standard workflows and methods for petroleum systems evaluations and risk assessments.
• Global expertise in numerical modeling of conventional and unconventional resources in various geological settings. Projects in over 50 countries.
• Experienced member of many evaluation teams for exploration bid rounds, farm-out presentations, geologic risk assessments using integrated workflows. Peer reviews of corporate exploration processes, charge-related geologic risk assessments.
• Adjunct lecturer, Stanford University, Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling program. Instructor for Schlumberger SIS, AAPG and NExT.

Noelle has a B.A. degree in geology from Bryn Mawr College and a M.S. in geology from George Washington University.