Patricia Levi is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University.

Research Area: Renewable Energy Policy & Electricity Markets
Research Abstract:
Patricia Levi's research addresses policy questions related to the decarbonization of the electricity grid, renewable energy, and climate change. She uses models of the electricity market and the economy to assess different long-term capacity expansion and investment strategies. She is also interested in the integration of distributed electricity resources, and the system costs of managing intermittent generation.

Stanford Advisors

All Publications

  • Macro-Energy Systems: Toward a New Discipline JOULE Levi, P. J., Kurland, S., Carbajales-Dale, M., Weyant, J. P., Brandt, A. R., Benson, S. M. 2019; 3 (10): 2282–86
  • Observational constraints on the distribution, seasonality, and environmental predictors of North American boreal methane emissions GLOBAL BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES Miller, S. M., Worthy, D. E., Michalak, A. M., Wofsy, S. C., Kort, E. A., Havice, T. C., Andrews, A. E., Dlugokencky, E. J., Kaplan, J. O., Levi, P. J., Tian, H., Zhang, B. 2014; 28 (2): 146-160