Academic Appointments

  • Basic Life Science Research Associate, Bioengineering

Honors & Awards

  • SPARK Translational Research Program, Stanford SPARK (2020)
  • Stanford Alliance for Innovative Medicines (AIM), Stanford ChEM-H & Takeda Pharmaceuticals (2018)
  • NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship, NIH NCI (2017)
  • NSF-GK12 Graduate Student Fellowship, NSF (2011)

All Publications

  • Single position substitution of hairpin pyrrole-imidazole polyamides imparts distinct DNA-binding profiles across the human genome PLOS ONE Finn, P. B., Bhimaria, D., Ali, A., Eguchi, A., Ansari, A. Z., Dervan, P. B. 2020; 15 (12): e0243905
  • Carbocyclic Amino Ketones by Bredt's Rule-Arrested Kulinkovich-de Meijere Reaction ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION Finn, P. B., Derstine, B. P., Sieburth, S. 2016; 55 (7): 2536–39


    The Ti(II) -mediated formation of cyclopropylamines from alkenes and amides, the Kulinkovich-de Meijere reaction, involves two carbon-carbon bond-forming steps. Strategic use of a tricyclic intermediate can arrest the process if the second step requires formation of a bridgehead double bond. Use of this Bredt's rule constraint results in the production of carbocyclic amino ketones, key alkaloid building blocks.

    View details for DOI 10.1002/anie.201509983

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  • Molecular Recognition of DNA by Py-Im Polyamides: From Discovery to Oncology DNA-targeting Molecules as Therapeutic Agents Dervan, P. B., Kurmis, A. A., Finn, P. B. edited by Waring, M. J. Royal Society of Chemistry. 2018: 298
  • Formation and isomerization of polycyclic 1,5-enynes TETRAHEDRON LETTERS Finn, P. B., Kulyk, S., Sieburth, S. 2015; 56 (23): 3567–70
  • Alpha-amino silanes via metalated imines as an approach to the synthesis of silanediol protease inhibitors TETRAHEDRON Bo, Y., Finn, P. B., Khatri, B. B., Sieburth, S. 2013; 69 (36): 7779–84