Education & Certifications

  • Master of Science (MSc), Saint Petersburg State University, Condensed matter theory (2019)

All Publications

  • Robustness of delocalization to the inclusion of soft constraints in long-range random models PHYSICAL REVIEW B Nosov, P. A., Khaymovich, I. M. 2019; 99 (22)
  • Correlation-induced localization PHYSICAL REVIEW B Nosov, P. A., Khaymovich, I. M., Kravtsov, V. E. 2019; 99 (10)
  • Anomalous Temperature Behavior of the Chiral Spin Helix in CrNb3S6 Thin Lamellae PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Togawa, Y., Kishine, J., Nosov, P. A., Koyama, T., Paterson, G. W., McVitie, S., Kousaka, Y., Akimitsu, J., Ogata, M., Ovchinnikov, A. S. 2019; 122 (1): 017204


    Using Lorentz transmission electron microscopy and small-angle electron scattering techniques, we investigate the temperature-dependent evolution of a magnetic stripe pattern period in thin-film lamellae of the prototype monoaxial chiral helimagnet CrNb_{3}S_{6}. The sinusoidal stripe pattern appears due to formation of a chiral helimagnetic order (CHM) in this material. We found that as the temperature increases, the CHM period is initially independent of temperature and then starts to shrink above the temperature of about 90 K, which is far below the magnetic phase transition temperature for the bulk material T_{c} (123 K). The stripe order disappears at around 140 K, far above T_{c}. We argue that this cascade of transitions reflects a three-stage hierarchical behavior of melting in two dimensions.

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  • Functional renormalization-group approach to the Pokrovsky-Talapov model via the modified massive Thirring fermions PHYSICAL REVIEW B Nosov, P. A., Kishine, J., Ovchinnikov, A. S., Proskurin, I. 2017; 96 (23)
  • Optical chirality in gyrotropic media: symmetry approach NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS Proskurin, I., Ovchinnikov, A. S., Nosov, P., Kishine, J. 2017; 19