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  • Persistent and partially mobile oxygen vacancies in Li-rich layered oxides NATURE ENERGY Csernica, P. M., Kalirai, S. S., Gent, W. E., Lim, K., Yu, Y., Liu, Y., Ahn, S., Kaeli, E., Xu, X., Stone, K. H., Marshall, A. F., Sinclair, R., Shapiro, D. A., Toney, M. F., Chueh, W. C. 2021
  • Electrochemical ion insertion from the atomic to the device scale NATURE REVIEWS MATERIALS Sood, A., Poletayev, A. D., Cogswell, D. A., Csernica, P. M., Mefford, J., Fraggedakis, D., Toney, M. F., Lindenberg, A. M., Bazant, M. Z., Chueh, W. C. 2021
  • Metal-oxygen decoordination stabilizes anion redox in Li-rich oxides NATURE MATERIALS Hong, J., Gent, W. E., Xiao, P., Lim, K., Seo, D., Wu, J., Csernica, P. M., Takacs, C. J., Nordlund, D., Sun, C., Stone, K. H., Passarello, D., Yang, W., Prendergast, D., Ceder, G., Toney, M. F., Chueh, W. C. 2019; 18 (3): 256-+
  • Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution at Ordered Mo7Ni7 ACS CATALYSIS Csernica, P. M., McKone, J. R., Mulzer, C. R., Dichtel, W. R., Abruna, H. D., DiSalvo, F. J. 2017; 7 (5): 3375-3383