Professional Education

  • Master of Science, University of Bristol (2010)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Bristol (2014)

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  • Elastoresistive and elastocaloric anomalies at magnetic and electronic-nematic critical points PHYSICAL REVIEW B Hristov, A. T., Ikeda, M. S., Palmstrom, J. C., Walmsley, P., Fisher, I. R. 2019; 99 (10)
  • Evidence for topological defects in a photoinduced phase transition NATURE PHYSICS Zong, A., Kogar, A., Bie, Y., Rohwer, T., Lee, C., Baldini, E., Ergecen, E., Yilmaz, M. B., Freelon, B., Sie, E. J., Zhou, H., Straquadine, J., Walmsley, P., Dolgirev, P. E., Rozhkov, A. V., Fisher, I. R., Jarillo-Herrero, P., Fine, B. V., Gedik, N. 2019; 15 (1): 27-+
  • Determination of the resistivity anisotropy of orthorhombic materials via transverse resistivity measurements REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS Walmsley, P., Fisher, I. R. 2017; 88 (4)


    Measurements of the resistivity anisotropy can provide crucial information about the electronic structure and scattering processes in anisotropic and low-dimensional materials, but quantitative measurements by conventional means often suffer very significant systematic errors. Here we describe a novel approach to measuring the resistivity anisotropy of orthorhombic materials, using a single crystal and a single measurement that is derived from a π4 rotation of the measurement frame relative to the crystallographic axes. In this new basis, the transverse resistivity gives a direct measurement of the resistivity anisotropy, which combined with the longitudinal resistivity also gives the in-plane elements of the conventional resistivity tensor via a 5-point contact geometry. This is demonstrated through application to the charge-density wave compound ErTe3, and it is concluded that this method presents a significant improvement on existing techniques, particularly when measuring small anisotropies.

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  • Fermi surface evolution of Na-doped PbTe studied through density functional theory calculations and Shubnikov-de Haas measurements PHYSICAL REVIEW B Giraldo-Gallo, P., Sangiorgio, B., Walmsley, P., Silverstein, H. J., Fechner, M., Riggs, S. C., Geballe, T. H., Spaldin, N. A., Fisher, I. R. 2016; 94 (19)
  • Multiple charge density wave states at the surface of TbTe3 PHYSICAL REVIEW B Fu, L., Kraft, A. M., Sharma, B., Singh, M., Walmsley, P., Fisher, I. R., Boyer, M. C. 2016; 94 (20)