Professional Education

  • Bachelor of Science, Yale University (2008)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, California Institute of Technology (2014)

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  • A Novel Destabilizing Domain Based on a Small-Molecule Dependent Fluorophore ACS CHEMICAL BIOLOGY Navarro, R., Chen, L., Rakhit, R., Wandless, T. J. 2016; 11 (8): 2101-2104


    Tools that can directly regulate the activity of any protein-of-interest are valuable in the study of complex biological processes. Herein, we describe the development of a novel protein domain that exhibits small molecule-dependent stability and fluorescence based on the bilirubin-inducible fluorescent protein, UnaG. When genetically fused to any protein-of-interest, this fluorescent destabilizing domain (FDD) confers its instability to the entire fusion protein, facilitating the rapid degradation of the fusion. In the presence of its cognate ligand bilirubin (BR), the FDD fusion becomes stable and fluorescent. This new chemical genetic tool allows for rapid, reversible, and tunable control over the stability and fluorescence of a wide range of protein targets.

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  • Chemical Biology Strategies for Posttranslational Control of Protein Function CHEMISTRY & BIOLOGY Rakhit, R., Navarro, R., Wandless, T. J. 2014; 21 (9): 1238-1252