I'm an entrepreneur and executive, with technical orientation experience and a track record of delivery in different environments from world-class aeronautical engineering, leading retailers, consulting and technology industries in Latin America.
I like to instill determination in teams through role modeling, a ‘never say die’ attitude evident in my effort, energy and concentration. My desire to learn and develop myself and my teams creates a virtuous circle of exploration, improvement and profitable solutions. I believe my enthusiasm stimulates optimism leading to engagement and increased value creation.

I'm confident my competitive edge is mainly driven by:

• Intense analytical power to discover significant insights with a forward view
• Holistic perspective on business-wide impact of initiatives
• Constructive, grounded, challenge to build the best solution
• Assurance of delivery by holding people to account for their deliverables
• Calmness in face of crisis and tight deadlines
• Freedom for others to succeed supported by guidance and coaching
• Sponsorship, celebration and recognition of collaborative team achievement

I'm very interested to learn about technology improvements to people's lives.
Personally, I'm passionate about sports, travel and discovering about different cultures.

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