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  • Super-resolved 3-D imaging of live cells’ organelles from bright-field photon transmission micrographs Ultramicroscopy Rychtáriková, R., Náhlík, T., Shi, K., Malakhova, D., Macháček, P., Smaha, R., Urban, J., Štys, D. 2017; 179: 1-14
  • Chemical approaches to addressing the instability and toxicity of lead-halide perovskite absorbers Inorganic Chemistry Slavney, A. H., Smaha, R. W., Smith, I. C., Jaffe, A., Umeyama, D., Karunadasa, H. I. 2016
  • Tuning Sodium Ion Conductivity in the Layered Honeycomb Oxide Na3-xSn2-xSbx,NaO6 INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Smaha, R. W., Roudebush, J. H., Herb, J. T., Seibel, E. M., Krizan, J. W., Fox, G. M., Huang, Q., Arnold, C. B., Cava, R. J. 2015; 54 (16): 7985-7991
  • How Natural Are Artificial Languages? Language Production, Cognition, and the Lexicon Smaha, R., Fellbaum, C. Springer. 2015: 299-312
  • Multifractality in Imaging: Application of Information Entropy for Observation of Inner Dynamics Inside of an Unlabeled Living Cell in Bright-Field Microscopy ISCS 2014: Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Systems Rychtarikova, R., Nahlik, T., Smaha, R., Urban, J., Stys Jr, D., Cisar, P., Stys, D. Springer. 2015