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  • Chemical Approaches to Addressing the Instability and Toxicity of Lead-Halide Perovskite Absorbers INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Slayney, A. H., Smaha, R. W., Smith, I. C., Jaffe, A., Umeyama, D., Karunadasa, H. I. 2017; 56 (1): 46-55


    The impressive rise in efficiencies of solar cells employing the three-dimensional (3D) lead-iodide perovskite absorbers APbI3 (A = monovalent cation) has generated intense excitement. Although these perovskites have remarkable properties as solar-cell absorbers, their potential commercialization now requires a greater focus on the materials' inherent shortcomings and environmental impact. This creates a challenge and an opportunity for synthetic chemists to address these issues through the design of new materials. Synthetic chemistry offers powerful tools for manipulating the magnificent flexibility of the perovskite lattice to expand the number of functional analogues to APbI3. To highlight improvements that should be targeted in new materials, here we discuss the intrinsic instability and toxicity of 3D lead-halide perovskites. We consider possible sources of these instabilities and propose methods to overcome them through synthetic design. We also discuss new materials developed for realizing the exceptional photophysical properties of lead-halide perovskites in more environmentally benign materials. In this Forum Article, we provide a brief overview of the field with a focus on our group's contributions to identifying and addressing problems inherent to 3D lead-halide perovskites.

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  • Super-resolved 3-D imaging of live cells’ organelles from bright-field photon transmission micrographs Ultramicroscopy Rychtáriková, R., Náhlík, T., Shi, K., Malakhova, D., Macháček, P., Smaha, R., Urban, J., Štys, D. 2017; 179: 1-14
  • Tuning Sodium Ion Conductivity in the Layered Honeycomb Oxide Na3-xSn2-xSbx,NaO6 INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Smaha, R. W., Roudebush, J. H., Herb, J. T., Seibel, E. M., Krizan, J. W., Fox, G. M., Huang, Q., Arnold, C. B., Cava, R. J. 2015; 54 (16): 7985-7991
  • How Natural Are Artificial Languages? Language Production, Cognition, and the Lexicon Smaha, R., Fellbaum, C. Springer. 2015: 299–312
  • Multifractality in Imaging: Application of Information Entropy for Observation of Inner Dynamics Inside of an Unlabeled Living Cell in Bright-Field Microscopy ISCS 2014: Interdisciplinary Symposium on Complex Systems Rychtarikova, R., Nahlik, T., Smaha, R., Urban, J., Stys Jr, D., Cisar, P., Stys, D. Springer. 2015