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  • Salsify: Low-Latency Network Video Through Tighter Integration Between a Video Codec and a Transport Protocol Fouladi, S., Emmons, J., Orbay, E., Wu, C., Wahby, R. S., Winstein, K., USENIX Assoc USENIX ASSOC. 2018: 267–82
  • Encoding, Fast and Slow: Low-Latency Video Processing Using Thousands of Tiny Threads Fouladi, S., Wahby, R. S., Shacklett, B., Balasubramaniam, K., Zeng, W., Bhalerao, R., Sivaraman, A., Porter, G., Winstein, K., USENIX Assoc USENIX ASSOC. 2017: 363–76
  • Full Accounting for Verifiable Outsourcing Wahby, R. S., Ji, Y., Blumberg, A. J., Shelat, A., Thaler, J., Walfish, M., Wies, T., ACM ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY. 2017: 2071–86